Shade is a very imprtant comodity here in the Sunshine State.The harsh UV rays that we are bombarded with year round take a huge toll on our property and especially our bodies. Our shade products offer the best and most cost effective way to combat the brutal Florida sun. Our structures have the capability of reducing ambient temperatures by as much as 20 degrees, and block over 95% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.With our custom design capabilities, we can create the perfect structure for whatever your shade requirements may be.



These amazing fabric shade canopies have become very popular in Florida due to their versatility and sheer asthetic appeal. Shade sails are maily cable supported using upright columns or existing structures to support them. The unique geometry of the sail edges allows for tension across the entire fabric surface, eliminating droop or flapping of the fabric.

Our Shade Sails are constructed using the highest quality HDPE fabric available, and can be custom made to fit any application. The sails can be easily removed in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

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sail shade


We sell a wide range of frame supported and hip-style shade structures. These are great for playgrounds, carports or anywhere that you need more height clearance. These structures come in various pre-engineered sizes, and are also available in custom sizes up to 40' x 60'.

The canopy membrane is HDPE shade fabric and can be easily removed in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

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Hip Shade


We offer a line of waterproof PVC fabric canopies and enclosures. These lightweight frame supported structures are great for storage and warehousing, and can be installed on existing concrete slabs.

These structures are engineered and built to withstand hurricane force wind and do not require removal of the fabric membrane.

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Fabric Structure

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